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Marco Dizon came from a family of rice farmers in Mexico. He was raised by his parents to know the basics of farming so he could continue what they have started, but Marco had a different plan. With Mexico’s rich culture, it’s no surprise that Marco got hooked with its food, especially those that are cooked with chilis – lots of them. 


Marco’s obsession with chili is out of the ordinary. In fact, he has a collection of chili sauce that he uses with every meal and allowed his tolerance for spicy food to improve. So, when he finally inherited his parents land for farming, he decided to walk away from rice farming and flipped the land into a massive chili plantation. 


His farm is home to almost all variants of chili that you can think of. They supply a large hot sauce company and collaborate with small business owners for their products. Who would have thought that his humble love for chili would give him success? 


This website was conceptualized by Marco because he wanted to share his experiences and what he knows about farming chilis. He updates this website for guides, recipes, health benefits of chilis, and other interesting facts especially designed for chili lovers out there. Make sure to check back for updates or subscribe to our mailing list for updates.