How to Tolerate Spiciness and Enjoy Spicy Food

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There are many different types of food that can be quite spicy, even too spicy for some. If you have trouble with anything hot, the only thing you need is to build up tolerance. This guide to enjoying spicy food will be more than helpful, as we have a few steps that will be essential for the process. 

Start With Small Amounts

Eating spicy food can be fun, but if you are inexperienced, the last thing you need is to jump straight to chilli peppers or something even spicier. Tolerating spiciness is an acquired taste, and you will need to build your way up. What makes spicy food spicy is capsaicin. This substance causes a hot feeling in your mouth when you eat, and the more you taste it the more tolerant you will be. 


So, the in your mouth will start to shut down, and you will become more tolerant of spicy dishes. That is why it is necessary to start small and build your way up. For those that like the idea of eating hot food but can’t stand the sensation, the trick is to start with something like spicy ketchup or sauces that won’t burn through your body. 

Eat Slowly

The next trick you might want to try out is to eat slowly. While the first instinct might be to try to get done with it as soon as possible, it won’t give you great results. And this is especially tricky for those that are fast eaters. But if you start eating slowly, you will get the chance to fully enjoy the experience without overwhelming your senses. 


As you start eating spicy cuisine, your receptors will react to the capsaicin causing the burning sensation in your mouth. But as you continue eating, the feeling of hotness will increase with each bite, renewing and enhancing it even further. Eating slowly will also allow you to stay within your limits. You can also mix different types of food between each bite, going for something like bread or non-spicy dishes to get ready for the next hot bite. 

Have Coolants or Milk Beside You

It is always better to be safe than sorry, which is why you should have a way to make the situation bearable. There are many different types of coolants that can help handle spicy foods. Unfortunately, water won’t be able to help you. Capsaicin is not soluble with water, and while you might feel better while drinking it, the burning sensation in your mouth will be back as soon as you swallow. 


It is always better to get milk instead. In fact, anything with dairy will help. Surprisingly, alcohol can also help, but the effect is not as impactful as that of milk. Furthermore, you would need something with high levels of alcohol, which means that having a glass of wine won’t do the trick. So, the trick is to drink milk between bites if the experience becomes overwhelming.

Stay Within Your Limits

There is no reason for you to rush the process. If you like the idea of eating spicy food, you will need to work on it. And this requires time and dedication. Trying to push your limits is one thing, but torturing yourself is completely wrong. Keep in mind that the primary idea behind this type of food is to enjoy yourself, so you will need to stand within your limits. 


Experimenting with different levels of spiciness is also good, and it will help you understand the boundaries. Keep in mind that it’s all about practice. The repeated exposure to hot food will help you get used to the sensation, and it will allow you to naturally increase the spiciness. So, there is no reason to try and push your limits by force.

Increase the Level of Spiciness

As you get used to different hot sauces and different dishes, you will start to build your tolerance. And this will allow you to progress through the scale. If you jump straight to the hottest pepper in the world, the entire experience will not be fun. In fact, you might experience health problems. However, if you build your way to the top, you will be able to naturally start tolerating spiciness. 


You will notice the change when you eat. Something that was quite spicy before might seem mild at one point, which is a clear sign that you might want to take it up a notch. The only thing that matters is to remember the previous step and stay within your limits. There is no reason for you to overdo it. Instead, just enjoy the journey. 

Practice Repeatedly

Everyone knows that practice makes perfect. And the same thing applies to spicy food. If you are one of many people that can’t tolerate spicy food, training will be essential for the process. You will build up a tolerance, and it will allow you to eat hotter and hotter dishes. But the key is continuity. 


Eating spicy dishes every once in a while won’t do the trick, and you will need to practice regularly. Of course, you will still need to stay within your boundaries and work your way up. 


If you follow all of the steps we set down for you, you will be able to get used to it naturally. In essence, all you need to remember is to go slow and that dairy products are your best friend. Hopefully, you will enjoy this journey, and you’ll be able to tackle even the hottest pepper in the world.